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An Apple Interned Has Leaked iPhone Source Code : Report

Just like Microsoft or other big software company, Apple doesn’t want people getting access to the source code of its mobile operating system,  the iOS which run on all iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Earlier in the week, a portion of the source code of the iOS was posted on GitHub and it looked like the code was leaked by a former Apple intern.

As Motherboard reported, the intern who took the source code and distributed to the group of five of his friends did it to help the Jailbreaking community. Jailbreaking is very similar to Rooting on Android, but Apple cites many security issues with the process to let users do it with their phones.

Anyways, the employee took  “all sorts of Apple internal tools and whatnot,” and gave it to the friends. The original plan was to make sure that code never left the circle of the five friends but the doe spread beyond the original group sometimes in 2017. Eventually, the code was posted on a discord group and then it reached Reddit and a few months ago, the iOS source code was posted on Github in the first week of February of 2018.

While the code has been taken down, Apple said that the company knew about the leak way before it made into the Github repository which is completely possible considering the code must also have reached Jailbreaking community’s hands.

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