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Android Has A New Feature To Highlight Apps That Eat Your Battery Life

Battery life has always been a major aspect of choosing the phones. Most users have experienced the annoying and distrustful feeling of dealing with low battery performance by their Android phones that claim much higher performance in its specifications. Arguably in most cases, it is not the phone, it is the Wakelocks, some apps keep draining the battery by preventing the phone from going into a deeper sleep. Wakelocks are caused by apps that constantly poll the phone for information.

Third-party apps had been there to crack down on wakelocks. But now Google is bringing an inbuilt solution. Latest Android 8.1 Developer Preview has the battery app sighting to find battery eating apps. It shows up a warning in the battery settings with a red battery icon. Also, the offending app, with its effect on draining the battery. Tapping it one can fix the issue. One may kill the app or restrict the permissions to it.


The new feature may add up to Android 8.1 or keep us wait a little longer, depends. It’s though a daring step that Google is testing a feature which gives us better control over phones. Battery particularly is one the major aspects that affect a user’s liking or disliking of his phone. With this new feature, many users will be able to use their phone to its potential.

Google has rolled out some builds of Android 8.1 in previous weeks, if you want to try these features though, you will a Pixel phone or Google Nexus devices.  Considering pushing battery sizes to the limit has hurt Samsung’s reputation recently, it will be great to be able to get better battery life with optimizations rather than just by packing huge battery’s just like the Nokia 2 does.

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