Saurabh Tripathi – Founder of Getting Geek

Saurabh Tripathi

Saurabh Tripathi

Saurabh Tripathi is founder and owner of Getting Geek and is an all-around computer nut. Being good at computers Saurabh is always found busy messing up with Windows registry, PHP code and Computer Hardware. Saurabh has good knowledge of different Operating systems and Devices and he  writes mostly about Windows, Gaming Consoles and Computer Hardware. Saurabh  is currently completing his study of Bachelors in Engineering  from MITS Gwalior. His bunker is located in Gwalior.

When not being busy with computers, Saurabh can be found motivating others to do something good with their lives.

Contact Saurabh Tripathi

He is always happy in helping others with computers, you can ask him questions, send your suggestions, opinions and pizzas at saurabh@GettingGeek.com

Note: He reads all mails sent to him, due to the number of mails he is not able to reply everyone personally, if you have any article suggestion please use the CONTACT FORM.

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